Marcom and media strategies

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Session Location Based Advertising

From collecting location data to local based communication, who are the main players and what can I do in order to boost my business - Focus on the Belgian market

Presentation Skills

How to clearly present your ideas/ pitches/ projects and make an impact on your audience

Case Study : Revolut

How did the neo-bank Revolut achieve to gain 11 Mios customers in less than 5 years?

Financial Marketing

How is marketing successfully applied in the financial industry?

Neuro-Branding and Behavioral Marketing

How can you use known “irrational” behaviors to trigger sales?

How to Measure Loyalty?

How to measure your clients’ loyalty with NPS and TRIM?

Growing your Brand

What are the best methods to fuel the growth of your rand?

Launching a Brand

What are the best methods to launch a new brand?

The Financial Value of Brands

About the ways to evaluate a Brand and the its practical use internally/externally

The Basics of Brand Management

Understand the theory, the concepts and the vocabulary around Brand Management

Digital media planning

Complete course to understand the media planning process
Focus on the Belgian market

Strategy On a Page

How do people react when exposed to various types of advertising messages?
What are the criteria that influence their purchase & consumption behavior?
How to improve their engagement to brands and their loyalty, in the eye of emotions? How to generate feelings via brand communications?
What are the main research techniques? And when do we use them upon objectives and topics?