Opting for a virtual training session?

Quartz offers the option of delivering training sessions using a virtual room


To ensure full interactivity and optimal knowledge transfer quality, we limit number of participants to 10 per session

Our expert will present required topic on line with the same support and interaction level as for a physical session

We use our own platform to deliver our virtual sessions, but we can also use your own tool if required

Interested in virtual training? 

Willing to use a virtual meeting room?

Looking for E-Services to support remote working sessions?

Lockdown is here and global, for weeks or months, and this situation may repeat, like every crash repeated.

But lockdown is also an opportunity to learn and improve new ways of working, leveraging technology and increase efficiency. What you have to do during lockdown might become best practice in more normal circumstances.

Virtual meetings and digital interactions will become the new norm: less travel, less commuting, more efficient,  more secure, ...

Quartz helps companies to organize virtual meetings and provides optional services like using Quartz video conferencing network, apply ad-hoc processes to ensure meeting efficiencies and best practices and provides moderator support.

Looking for a virtual room to organize your virtual meetings?


Quartz organizes your meetings on request to ensure minimum administrative and operational tasks for the meeting organizer: We find the time slot, we send the invites, we share support documents, we open the room in due time, we record the meeting and we provide operational reporting

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