Find The Right Business Partner(s)

Are you looking for a specialist in new marcom’ technologies, an advertising, a media agency or a research company? Quartz helps you to find candidates and select the right business partner that fits your needs.

Quartz has developed a sound identification and selection process based on various criteria ranging from business expertise to cost of service and cultural fit. We assess your needs, identify best available options, apply an ad-hoc selection process and help you to finalize selection.

By being active in various geographies and maintaining a large database of expert companies, media and communication agencies and other industry players, Quartz is in position to drive you through the jungle of providers in search for the best business partner.


Quartz assets:

  • Extensive database

  • Sound identification and selection process

  • Expert Hub services to enrich and review selection criteria 

  • Consulting professionals to drive selection process

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