Your Business Partner

Quartz is supporting its clients in delivering critical added value by (1) Selecting your business partners and (2) Providing strategic and operational services to support and strengthen your team when facing critical business challenges

Business Partner Selection: Are you looking for a specialist in new marcom’ technologies, an advertising, a media agency or a research company? Quartz helps you to find candidates and select the right business partner that fits your needs.

Quartz has developed a sound identification and selection process based on various criteria ranging from business expertise to cost of service and cultural fit. We assess your needs, identify best available options, apply an ad-hoc selection process and help you to finalize selection.

By being active in various geographies and maintaining a large database of expert companies, media and communication agencies and other industry players, Quartz is in position to drive you through the jungle of providers in search for the best business partner.


Our assets:

  • Extensive database

  • Sound identification and selection process

  • Expert Hub services to enrich and review selection criteria 

  • Team of recognized talented professionals to drive the selection process

Tactical And Operational Services: Our team helps you to develop critical tactical and operational content to support your pitch processes, build tactical reviews, deliver desk searches, build interview guides, deliver market searches and help to program managed complex program implementation.

Strategic Consulting: We help you in assessing key business opportunities and support grow by designing impactful strategic plans. We build benchmarks, compare competition performance, assess opportunities and develop sound business strategies based on impact and sustainability.

Our assets:

  • Team of sound professionals

  • Experts in strategic and management consulting

  • Strong experience in local and global assignments

  • Technology experts to better leverage digital strategies

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