Knowledge Transfer and High Added Value Services Delivered by Marcom and Media Experts


Knowledge sharing sessions creates competitive advantages for our clients by accessing key business insights delivered by recognized market experts

Today, training offering for professionals does not always meet expectations 

  • Webinars are often too generic and not engaging

  • University/High Schools Masters for pros’ present plural constraints

  • Corporate formation cycles are public, predefined learning programs

  • Poorly customized

  • Uneven content quality

  • Weak satisfaction bot both client and provider

Quartz Expert Hub Services fills the gap by offering:

  • Duly selected hands-on experts & training content 

  • Customized time, agenda, audience & topics selection

  • Flexible delivery location (on site or specific location at client request)


Quartz is supporting its clients in delivering critical added value by (1) Selecting your business partners and (2) Providing strategic and operational services to support and strengthen your team when facing critical business challenges

Marcom, Pub and Media companies play an increasingly important role to help corporations to better reach and communicate with their clients while data and technology environment is becoming more and more complex

Quartz helps you to find the right partner - being a niche player or offering large scope of services. Market granularity and interactive techniques are becoming key to success but often difficult to assess while looking at providers capabilities and offering.

Our deep knowledge of communication industry will be your best asset to find the right partner fitting your needs


“Quartz is the most useful natural substance on earth while sharing experience

is the most natural growth enabler in human history”

Quartz helps companies to create competitive advantage

by leveraging key business knowledge shared by recognized business experts in the fields of Marketing, Media, Advertising, Communication and Data